On Handling Malcontents

Where can you go to find out what's on the mind of some of the top CIOs in the world? Try the pages of the book "CIOs At Work" (Apress/Available now). Author Ed Yourdon gained access to leading IT executives in fields such as energy, government, technology and education and offers probing, insightful interviews. He speaks with the CIOs of 16 major organizations including Google, Microsoft, Verizon and the New York Stock Exchange. The book focuses on the shifting role of CIOs, from that of nuts-and-bolts IT managers to strategic players helping craft an organization's business and growth strategies. "People in the business units are almost as computer-savvy as people in the IT organization," Yourdon writes. "They, too, are part of the 'digital nation' that has been using computers since birth ... The most exciting part of the CIO work I saw during my interviews involved true partnership efforts between IT professionals and business-unit partners." Yourdon is a computer science consultant and founder of NODRUOY Inc., as well as co-founder of the Cutter Consortium. For more about the book, click here. We take a look at 10 nuggets of wisdom that some of the world's most savvy and influential CIOs have to offer.


"I use a principle I learned as a playground leader. Put (the bully) to work. Make him a solution rather than part of a problem." -- Tony Scott, CIO at Microsoft

This article was originally published on 12-29-2011
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