Smartphone Safety

Our children help us remember not to take life too seriously and to live in the moment. They often bring us joy at the end of a long day, and help us remember why we work as hard as we do. In many ways, kids are the cure for many of life's pains. That is, until they get ahold of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. For CIOs, the "kid factor" is an often overlooked but very real concern when it comes to ensuring that workplace technology is used safely and securely. Are your employees letting their kids run amok with work technology? If so, some serious damage can be done to computers, smartphones, and even the corporate network, especially if that hot new videogame downloaded on Mom's work computer brings with it a hot new piece of malware. With summer right around the corner, CIO Insight thought the time was right to remind everyone of the perils of letting kids get their hands on workplace tech.

This article was originally published on 05-15-2012
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