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You may turn to business- or technology-focused books to seek advice on improving your leadership skills as a CIO. Or you might spend considerable time at workshops and seminars focused on developing your management know-how. But you can't overlook the fundamental "lessons learned" in everyday life, and that includes the classroom. No, we're not talking about college. We're talking about the schoolhouses where, for so many of us, learning and developing first took hold. Think about it: If you consider the five or six greatest influencers in your life, wouldn't you put at least one of your K-12 teachers on that list? With that in mind, we present these highly transferable snippets of advice from the real-life teachers who contribute to TeacherVision.com, an online resource for educators. Better yet, try spending a day in your own child's classroom when it's back-to-school time. Can't wait until fall? Here are nine management tips from grade school teachers -- and how these can translate to your IT organization -- that you can put to use in your office today.

This article was originally published on 07-15-2011
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