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What is the name of the elite, private school in Seattle that Allen attended, and where he met a future business associate named Bill Gates:

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 05-05-2011 Print

So, you think you know all there is to know about Paul Allen? Sure, he co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, owns major sports franchises, survived cancer, and donated more than $1 billion to philanthropy. Paul Allen's experiences serve as testimony to a life fully lived. And now, with his new memoir, Idea Man (Portfolio Penguin/available now), the famously private Allen shares a wealth of colorful anecdotes and candid insights - including a look into the complexities of his relationship with Gates. Leaving Microsoft, he writes, "left a hole in my life. I missed the good times with Bill, when we'd spur each other on to bigger and better ideas, although the occasions had grown fewer toward the end. But I never felt tempted to reconsider my departure. It was like a failed romance ... I could not go back." Take our quiz and test your knowledge about Allen's career and life. We're working on the honor system here, trusting you to avoid using Google (or Bing) for the answers.


A. FairwoodB. Cascade HeightsC. LakesideD. Seattle Prep


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