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Quiz: U.S. Presidents We'd Love to Work For

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 02-24-2011 Print
Throughout U.S. history, we've had presidents who were a former surveyor (Washington), a teacher (John Adams), an inventor/architect (Jefferson), a postmaster (Lincoln), a rancher (Theodore Roosevelt), a haberdasher (Truman), a sports team owner (George W. Bush) and even a sheriff (Grover Cleveland). The unifying factor among (hopefully) all presidents is that their skills are directly translatable to the business world. Which is why a consulting firm called Revenue Beast decided to have some fun with a survey that asks U.S. workers which presidents they think would excel in today's business environment. One interesting finding: Thomas Jefferson ranked high (but not the highest) among those presidents considered tech-savvy. "It was encouraging that Jefferson was chosen," says Jeff Christian, CEO of Revenue Beast, which helps client companies discover and expand new revenue streams. "He was known as a 'technology buff' of his time, buying every new scientific instrument he could get his hands on." Take the quiz and see how your answers stack up against the 100 respondents who participated in the Revenue Beast survey.


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