Issues Created by Accessing Email During Off Hours

Love it or hate it, work email isn't going anywhere any time soon. And while it remains an efficient way to get feedback, collaborate and share information, productivity is interrupted on a daily basis by e-etiquette lapses. A recent research report from the Grossman Group and LCWA Research Group reveals that employees and executives spend the equivalent of several days a year fielding emails that are irrelevant to their jobs. The report, "Enough Already! Stop Bad Email," indicates that attempts to limit or outright ban internal email can be self-defeating. Attempting to reform employees' time-wasting email habits will produce much better results. "We've seen companies around the world experimenting with email black-outs or time-outs," says David Grossman, founder and CEO of the Grossman Group. "We know employees are overloaded by their in-boxes and this is causing them stress. Yet, our research shows that it is email misbehaviors that need to be addressed." An estimated 1,300 employees, supervisors, middle managers and corporate executives took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 06-19-2012
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