Six Signs of Stress Overload

Do you find that some of your IT workers always think in worst-case scenarios, even when there's no indication that the worst will happen? Or, do they they lash out over relatively minor setbacks? These are both signs of excessive stress, according to a recent report from CPP Inc., "Indicators of Stress for Top Professions," . The report sheds light upon a number of classic symptoms of anxiety overload for a variety of professions, including IT positions such as software engineers and computer programmers. It also offers best practices for CIOs and other IT leaders to consider that will help reduce these internalized feeling of constant pressure among your team members. It's important for managers to recognize and respond to these circumstances, as they could result in long-term damage for the individuals and the organization. The behavior of overstressed employees "can appear clumsy and out of character, even to those who know them best, which may hamper their performance," according to the report. "In light of our current economic upheaval, and the stress epidemic it has engendered in the U.S. workplace, we shouldn't be surprised to see loss of productivity, increased conflict, poor performance and other issues." CPP is a workplace consultant firm and exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment tool. Here are highlights:


Becoming increasingly angry and irritated.

This article was originally published on 10-31-2011
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