There Must Be A Way Around This Filter!

Workers, regardless of the industry or country, typically take the technologies provided to them by IT and engage in activities that would make even the most laid-back CIO cringe. Whether it's allowing other people to use their company computer, or forgetting to change passwords, employees are engaging in behaviors that put your company's sensitive data at risk. Here are the 11 dumbest (and most worrisome) activities that your employees are likely doing with company-provided technology on any given day. As you share this, you'll do well to remind your workers that bad tech behavior speaks volumes about the kind of people we really are.


You're likely filtering Web traffic in your company to ensure employees are not surfing sites that would cause trouble for your company. Employees like to try and find ways around those filters, and in the process, they'll go to drastic measures that cause even more problems. Filtering content is a double-edged sword, unfortunately.

This article was originally published on 07-18-2011
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