Sustainable IT: Your CEO Wants It

The vast majority of CEOs say that IT solutions are needed to improve sustainable business practices, according to a study from United Nations Global Compact and Accenture. Accenture surveyed 766 CEOs worldwide on behalf of the UN Global Compact, an initiative launched in 2000 to encourage businesses to voluntarily adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies. It's not just a "feel good thing." It's a survival measure, in light of the vast amount of energy-cost reduction benefits and the uncertainty of the current economy. Nonetheless, another survey shows that you may have to contend with a "green credibility gap" between your CEO's vision and corporate reality. a revealing study, Sense and Sustainability, from the global communications firm, Gibbs & Soell, and research firm Harris Interactive, indicates that much of the talk about corporations seriously pursuing sustainability as a prime business objective has been, well, a bunch of talk. Only a minority of IT managers and other executives surveyed indicate that businesses today are committed to "green" advancements and practices -- and an even smaller percentage of the general public feels this way.

This article was originally published on 07-06-2010
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