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Tech Employee Confidence Brightens in 2Q 2011

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 08-05-2011 Print
Awaiting a return to the economic "good old days" is starting to fell like an endless car trip. "Are we there yet?" rings the eternal refrain. Given a host of lingering doubts about employment trends, the debt crisis, the international financial forecast and other critical issues, this bumpy ride may last a while longer. That said, occasional encouraging signs continue to emerge, most recently with the Q2 2011 "Confidence Index" survey of IT workers from IT staffing firm Technisource. Overall, the index remains relatively positive. Workers maintain an optimistic view about their company's future. And if they're having doubts, they're also finding more jobs available to them now than in the recent past. Workers also maintain a hopeful view about the economic future of their companies. "We are seeing more stabilization in the confidence levels of IT professionals," says Michael Winwood, president of Technisource. "However, the likelihood of workers to look for other opportunities continues to grow. Employers need to continue to provide their top talent with training and development programs to keep them from doing so." The survey also breaks down differences among genders and age groups on these topics. More than 225 tech employees took part in the research.


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