The CIO Mandate: Expand, Leverage, Transform or Pioneer?

How your organization views the role of IT has a dramatic impact on your actions as CIO, according to a report from IBM entitled "The Essential CIO: Insights from the Global Chief Information Officer Study,". The study is based on more than 3,000 face-to-face conversations with CIOs worldwide. Using statistical and textual analysis of responses, the research spotlights four "CIO Mandates" that reflect how an organization views the role of IT. The four CIO mandates are to: leverage (streamline operations and increase organizational effectiveness); expand (refine business processes and enhance collaboration); transform (change the industry value chain through improved relationships); and pioneer (radically innovate products, markets and business models). We highlight the report's findings on how a CIO with each mandate is expected to prioritize his or her time, as well as provide tips on how each mandate can be fulfilled. We also highlight the CIO priorities that cut across all types of organizations.

This article was originally published on 05-25-2011
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