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U.S. IT Jobs: Positions, Salaries Stagnant in 2010

By Bob Violino  |  Posted 12-17-2010 Print
The economy might be improving on some fronts, but serious job growth remains elusive and salaries are stagnant-and that includes technology jobs. Total employment in IT increased just 0.17% in November 2010, and salaries across all positions remained flat compared with the same month a year ago, according to Janco Associates Inc., a management consulting firm that focuses on IT. Janco says it bases its employment report on data from the December 2010 U.S. Department of Labor National Employment Report. The company also conducted a separate salary survey that received 278 responses from U.S. IT professionals. According to that survey, the average CIO working in the U.S. earned $159,574 in 2010. Meanwhile, the jobs report paints a grim picture of total IT employment: seasonally adjusted, there were about 2.8 million IT jobs in November, an increase of only 4,800 jobs from November 2009. Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco, says the nearly 3% growth in systems design jobs and related services "has not been enough to absorb the displaced employees from prior periods nor address the issue of recent entrants into the IT job market who cannot find work. With this anemic increase of jobs, there is little to no room for recent computer science graduates and existing unemployed IT professionals to find work." Furthermore, he says, outsourcing has eliminated many of the entry-level positions that these individuals could take. Based on the data and interviews Janco has conducted, the firm predicts there will be more churn in IT staffs, as CIOs accelerate their moves to flexible staffing models. They are looking to hire IT people with business and analytical skills, such as risk management and project management.


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