IT Management Slideshow: What You'll Pay for IT Talent in 2011

By Tony Kontzer  |  Posted 02-28-2011
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What You'll Pay for IT Talent in 2011

What You'll Pay for IT Talent in 2011

Median pay increase an IT professional can expect in 2011: 2.3%Story behind the number: Overall IT payrolls won't increase, however, as new hires are paid less than the laid-off workers they're replacing.
Trying to gain a clear picture of the U.S. economy of late has been like trying to change a diaper on a baby slathered in butter. Despite all the declarations that the economy is on the mend, it's hard to join in on that optimistic refrain amid wildly mixed signals. One day the news is filled with reports of positive economic indicators, the next day a major U.S. company announces layoffs, and the day after that the stock market will go on a roller-coaster ride as political unrest unfolds on the other side of the globe. It appears, however, that IT executives have enough faith in the tepid economic recovery that many of them are loosening the purse strings just a bit when it comes to paying-and hiring-talent. A recent report from IT metrics firm Computer Economics provides a working barometer for CIOs looking to get a sense of what kinds of raises will keep their staffs happy, as well as what they can expect to pay for new talent. In assembling its "IT Salary Report 2011," Computer Economics combined its own historical data with survey feedback from more than 100 IT organizations and statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, to project salaries for 65 IT roles in hundreds of U.S. markets. What follows is a snapshot of some of the highlights of the report.


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