Epic Sentences

There are more than 294 billion emails sent and received globally every day, according to published research. In the U.S., 2.5 billion texts messages are dashed off daily. By 2013, there will be nearly 1.2 billion mobile employees worldwide. So, yes, it's a virtual world these days. Even if a CIO has to go to an office, it's a safe bet that the vast majority of communications takes the form of emails and/or texts. In the book The Virtual Executive: How to Act Like a CEO Online and Offline (McGraw-Hill/available now), author Debra Benton encourages professionals to build a "virtual executive presence" so they can present ideas and engage colleagues, customers and partners just like they do when they're face-to-face. Ultimately, effective emailing and texting convey qualities of other forms of communications. By establishing standards of clarity, consideration and connection, you'll gain support and get results. The book also presents the cardinal "sins" of email communications. Benton is founder of Benton Management Resources, a communications consultancy with clients such as GE, AT&T, American Express, Dell, NASA and Pepsi.

This article was originally published on 05-22-2012
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