Cloud Right No. 2

Although their tone reminds us vaguely of the U.S. Miranda warning, the spirit of these cloud services rights and responsibilities outlined by the Gartner Global IT Council for Cloud Services serve as a best-practices guideline for enterprises looking to deploy cloud-based solutions. The Council, which consists of CIOs of large enterprises that consume cloud services and Gartner analysts, has made it a priority to identify the key rights of cloud service consumers and how these might be upheld.

No. 2: You have the right to SLAs that address liabilities, remediation and business outcomes

All computing services suffer slowdowns and failures. However, cloud services providers seldom commit to recovery times, specify the forms of remediation or spell out the procedures they will follow. To make SLAs relevant to the business, providers do not have to customize them for every organization. Rather, these agreements should comprehensively address the business issues implied in the type of service offered. The provider's contract should not simply guarantee a certain turnaround time for adding capacity; it should specify how it will deliver that capacity.

This article was originally published on 07-12-2010
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