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The IT Story

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 06-29-2011 Print

Dealing with your company's Chief Executive Officer is probably a pain from time to time. As many CIOs can attest with the Apple iPad and iPhone, your top executive from time to time will get jazzed up about some new nifty technology fad and start questioning you on why you're not rushing to deploy said solution in the workplace. Such is the case now with "the cloud." A recent survey, conducted by independent market research firm Marketing Solutions Corp. and sponsored by Dell, finds that CEOs are hearing great things about the cloud, and already they're trying to think of ways in which they might be able to capitalize on it. But CIOs&#151 who are the frontlines of the day-to-day realities of technology in the workplace&#151 aren't so sure jumping to the cloud right now is the best idea. In face, The survey polled 223 IT professionals during the Cloud Expo in New York City June 7-9. Many respondents believe the cloud might just be another fad that will come and go, but say their CEOs have a different viewpoint.


47 percent of respondents say that they believe the cloud is "an extension" of trends that are moving the industry towards "remote networks and virtualization."


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