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iPad Update Due in November

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-04-2010 Print

Dell ditches 3PAR, iPad gets an update and Google's Chrome has a makeover. Five fast takes on the week's hottest developments.

Although the focus was mostly on iPods and the Apple TV at Apple's Sept. 1 press event in San Francisco, it was the company's announcement of iOS 4.2 that will have the greatest impact on enterprise IT. The software, which is scheduled to launch in November, will allow iPad owners to have multitasking, wireless printing, and other bells and whistles. The update will be free to download when it's made available via iTunes.

The CIO Insight

The iPad is making its way into the corporate space. And as it does, you're probably wondering when you should adopt the devices for your users. For now, the iPad might not be the best option, simply because it doesn't allow for multitasking. Once this capability comes to the device in November, Apple's iPad may become increasingly attractive for select corporate use. Gartner says iPad and other "media" tablets are behind a projected drop in sales of netbooks.


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