Cloud Computing Maturing, AMD Survey Finds

The chipmaker surveyed businesses and found that 75 percent of respondents were either already using the cloud or were looking into it.

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud computing in at least part of their IT environments, and are now also beginning to see positive results from the shift, according to a study by x86 chip-maker Advanced Micro Devices.

In a study released June 1, AMD officials found that 42 percent of respondents said they are using cloud computing for at least part of their operations--either to host data, for remotely hosted applications or both--and another 32 percent said they are investigating the use of the cloud. In addition, of those currently using the cloud, 60 percent said they already are seeing business value.

Those numbers, and other figures gleaned from the study, indicate that cloud computing is rapidly maturing and that the adoption trend will only go up as businesses increase their trust in the model, according to John Fruehe, director of product marketing for servers at AMD. A year or two ago, people were trying to get their arms around what cloud computing meant. Now they are jumping in and reaping the rewards.

"It's not a technology that someday, eventually will be here," Fruehe said in an interview with eWEEK. "It's something that's in use today."

And that's good news for AMD, he said. As enterprises continue to embrace the cloud, there also will be an increase in demand for high-performance, scalable and energy efficient servers to run highly virtualized workloads. That dovetails with the direction in which AMD is taking its chips, particularly now with its Fusion strategy--integrating the CPU and discrete-level graphics onto the same piece of silicon--well underway.

This article was originally published on 06-03-2011
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