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BlackBerry OS Details

By Susan Nunziata  |  Posted 08-03-2010 Print

BlackBerry 6 features a redesigned interface that works with touch screen and trackpad. It includes expanded messaging capabilities with intuitive features to simplify the management of social networking and RSS feeds (Social Feeds), and provides integrated access to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and various instant messaging applications. Multimedia options include dedicated YouTube and Podcasts apps.

BlackBerry 6 also integrates a new and rich WebKit-based browser on BlackBerry Torch that renders HTML web pages (as well as HTML email) with speed and clarity. It features tabs for accessing multiple sites simultaneously, pinch to zoom for easy navigation and an auto-wrap text zoom feature that can intelligently wrap text in a column while maintaining the placement of a page's key elements (simply double-tap on the BlackBerry Torch).

Universal search, always accessible from the Home Screen, allows users to search through email, messages, contacts, music, videos and more on the smartphone, as well as extend search to the Internet or to discover applications in the BlackBerry App World.

The BlackBerry Torch supports AT&T's advanced messaging features for SMS and MMS. RIM's new Text Messages application supports AT&T's next-generation messaging experience, which includes group messaging with "reply all" functionality for up to 10 contacts. And, for the first time, AT&T's platform includes a new Locations feature.


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