RockMelt Browser Launches

Over the past week, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Tab to rave reviews from critics. Windows Phone 7 also came on the market, even as a study indicates iPhone and BlackBerry devices have the lowest failure rates. See what other topics were hot this week.

The new RockMelt browser is built on Google's open source Chromium code. It requires users to log-in to start browsing. Once they do, they quickly find all kinds of nice features, including an automatic feed update, social features built-in, and much more. It's designed to provide a single spot where users can keep tabs on their social lives.

The CIO Insight

RockMelt could be a significant drain on productivity. But it's important that you know about it, and as best as you can, keep it out of your operation going forward until you know it won't hurt employee productivity.

This article was originally published on 11-12-2010
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