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Notebooks Reign Supreme

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-09-2010 Print

The week's hot topics include Google going Instant, Mark Hurd joining Oracle, scary cybercrime stats and major movement in notebooks and smartphones.

As if you needed even more proof the notebooks are carrying the technology industry into the mobile future, IT research firm In-Stat revealed that notebook sales could reach 291 million by 2014. If notebooks hit that figure, they will account for 52 percent of the computing market. While new Tablet form factors such as the Apple iPad will show the greatest compound annual growth rate in that time period, it will be some time before they are able to rival notebooks in the enterprise.

The CIO Insight

For now, notebooks are the way to go. In-Stat's research further proves that point. Rather than giving your employees new desktop computers, consider doubling down on your notebook investments. They will be around for the long haul, they are replacing desktops at an alarming rate, and for now, they have little to worry about from tablets. Simply put, they are a safe bet.


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