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You Can Use The Verizon iPhone 4 As a Personal WiFi Hotspot

By Susan Nunziata  |  Posted 01-11-2011 Print

It's time for IT to brace for impact: Verizon Wireless has, at long last, announced that it will offer the iPhone 4 to its approximately 93 million U.S. subscribers – and potentially many more new customers if analyst estimates are to be believed.

CORRECTED (an earlier version of this article contained incorrect information about AT&T's iPhone tethering capability): iPhones on the Verizon network can be tethered and act as person hotspots by using the carrier's HotSync service. This means one iPhone can be used to connect up to five WiFi devices to the Internet. The AT&T iPhone 4 allows tethering of a single device at a time if you have iOS4 and subscribe to one of its DataPro service plans. Subscribers to AT&T's DataPro plan get 2GB of data transfer per month. Verizon has not yet revealed pricing for its iPhone 4 data plans.


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