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Cyber-Bullying: Not Just for Schoolkids

By Judy White  |  Posted 09-28-2010 Print

Cyber-bullying in the workplace can range from a few incidences to a pattern of behavior over time that eventually unveils a story. Examples include:

  • Unwanted links to dating services or sexually charged material;
  • Business emails sent only targeted employees that require a reply (especially during vacations or while out on disability);
  • Threatening voice mails, E-mails or text mesages.

It is often the combination of cyber-bullying and in-person bullying that paints a complete picture of dangerous workplace behavior. Among the damaging behavior to watch out for in your bosses, co-workers and employees are:

  • Shunning
  • Verbal abuse
  • Threats or intimidation
  • Sabotage
  • Malicious rumors or gossip
  • Unreasonable work loads
  • Mobbing by other co-workers
  • Creating unsubstantiated performance deficiencies in attempt to undermine a target

Additional examples include public humiliation or embarrassment, hyper-criticism, yelling in meetings (or virtually) and degrading a co-worker or subordinate.

Workplace bullies are astute at manipulating superiors and often deliver strong business results with disregard toward organizational values.  CIO's need to pay particular attention to these key areas to watch for any signs of workplace bullying:


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