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Foster Face2Face Communication

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-17-2010 Print

Remember the days when each staff member was expected to perform tasks on their own and get them done within a set timeframe? Those days are gone. We live in the era of workplace collaboration. Our rapidly changing work environment, coupled with the demands of a difficult economy, requires a team of professionals working together to get projects done quickly and effectively. The responsibility for ensuring that your teams are working to their greatest capacity falls squarely on the CIO's shoulders. Of course, your CEO turns to you to decide which tools the teams should be using and depends on you to make sure the tools are used properly. But as a CIO, your responsibility for managing collaboration goes well beyond choosing technology solutions. You're also required to come up with techniques and unique ideas to get results out of your teams. We've compiled the nine best tactics and technology solutions that will enable you to manage your collaborative teams with optimal results.


Encourage face2face communication. This starts with you. Walk to a team member's office or cubicle to speak with them. Not only will they appreciate it, they will learn that f2f gets work done.


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