The Real Value In Making Work Meaningful

"Meaning making" is as valued as "money making" for your work teams today, according to University of Michigan business professor Dave Ulrich, who is also co-founder of business consultance The RBL Group. While corporate money-making has obvious ROI, Ulrich identifies key performance indicators that can help every CIO determine the value of engaging employees with meaningful work. These include very tangible measures, such as stock gains for top-ranking workplaces, as well as a direct impact on factors such as employee willingness to recommend your company's products or services to others. According to Ulrich, "investment in employees" too often translates to fancy lunches or performance-based bonus plans without addressing the value of the work itself. Find out more about the pain disengaged employees can cause your organization, and how CIOs can effectively inspire workers by helping them understand the big picture. These highlights are excerpted from Ulrich's book, "The Why of Work" (McGraw-Hill/available now), which is co-written by his spouse, psychologist Wendy Ulrich.

This article was originally published on 07-12-2010
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