A Productivity Drain?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 07-08-2011 Print

Recently, we took a look at Apple's iPhone 5 and discussed why CIOs around the globe might take issue with the company's upcoming smartphone. This time around, we're going to examine Apple's iPad 2 to see why the tablet, which is easily besting all others in total sales, might pose challenges for your operation. Admittedly, the iPad 2 is an outstanding consumer tablet. The device is well designed, it has all kinds of nice entertainment features, and its App Store is packed with applications that people of all ages can enjoy. But for the enterprise, the iPad 2 isn't necessarily the best choice. Its focus on entertainment will raise red flags for CIOs who are are worried about productivity. Plus, there are other devices on store shelves now that deliver more corporate-friendly features than the iPad.


If employees are using the iPad 2 to access entertainment, play games they downloaded from the App Store, or watch Netflix movies, then they aren't working. It might sound rather Draconian, but you may need to give employees a device that is decidedly enterprise-focused, and thus, not so tempting for consumer exploits.

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