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Unleash Patent Value

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 05-31-2012 Print
NEWS ANALYSIS: Research In Motion has come to a difficult place in its lifecycle. For the first time in its history, RIM's BlackBerry smartphones are not highly sought-after devices. Apple's iPhone and a host of Android-based devices are now capturing the attention of today's customers. Cost-cutting and layoffs won't save the firm. RIM's chief executive officer Thorsten Heins is left to wonder what he needs to do to right the ship. Unfortunately for RIM, the idea that Heins has come up with -- double down on BlackBerry 10 and try to turn things around with the company intact -- won't work. Quite the contrary, the time has come for RIM (and Heins) to dramatically shift focus and ditch the BlackBerry line altogether. Yes, it might hurt at first and shareholders might be shocked by the news, but it's the smart play. And it's something RIM must do if it wants to survive (and thrive) in the coming years. Here are 10 reasons why we think RIM should ditch the BlackBerry once and for all, and some of the ways in which RIM can increase value for customers and shareholders alike.


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