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Apple iPhone 4S: 10 Reasons it's Worth Considering for the Enterprise

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-07-2011 Print
Apple was expected to show off two new iPhones at an event held in its hometown of Cupertino, CA on Oct. 4. One, the iPhone 4S, was believed to be a nominal upgrade over its predecessor, the iPhone 4, while the other, the iPhone 5, would deliver the revolutionary upgrades Apple loyalists were after. However, Apple instead unveiled the iPhone 4S and its new iOS5 operating system at the event, disappointing those hoping for a major device upgrade. However, with the Oct. 5 death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs coming hard on the heels of the product debut, the Twitterati were abuzz with speculation that the "4S" was so named in honor of Jobs: iPhone 4S being shorthand for "iPhone For Steve." Naming decisions notwithstanding, for CIOs, it might have been good news. For one thing, Sprint joins the ranks of U.S. wireless carriers Verizon and AT&T in offering the iPhone 4S when it hits the market on October 14. And, as we've said on these pages before, iPhone 5 didn't look to be an enterprise winner. Using rumors and analyst reports as our guide, it appeared that the iPhone 5 was undoubtedly designed with only consumers in mind. And in the process, CIOs, hoping to make their employees more productive, would have been disappointed. Such is not the case with the iPhone 4S, which includes some nifty new features via iOS5. On paper, at least, Apple's latest handset entrant could be a winner for consumers and enterprise users, alike. Here are 10 reasons why.


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