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The mobile market is taking the world by storm. From smartphones to tablets, the sheer number of devices that you or your employees can bring into the office is enough to confuse anyone. But unfortunately for CIOs, being confused on what to do in the mobile market isn't an option. The business side is increasingly pushing mobile integration into your digital strategy, and it's your job to ensure that all goes smoothly. A new study from industry analysis group Keynote Competitive Research reveals the ways in which consumers are interacting with mobile devices. The study provides invaluable insight into what drives consumers to a particular mobile initiative -- and what drives them away. Information on how consumers use and interact with mobile products is an extremely important resource for CIOs. As you're being pushed to aid in the mobile rollout, you understand that you need to know as much about the target market as possible. This data and research can then be used to help you make more informed decisions. Here CIO Insight provides some key insight into smartphone and tablet users, and how their actions will determine the fate of your mobile strategy.

This article was originally published on 08-14-2012
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