The Corner of Mobility and Culture

By Scott Archibald  |  Posted 10-01-2010 Print


EUC with HCI: Why It Matters

Fortune 500 companies are at an inflection point: Call it the corner of mobility and culture. Mobility will change the fabric of how employees interact with each other, partners, vendors and customers. If companies leave mobility unmanaged or try to manage it from a narrow focus, such as IT or HR, the likely result will be a frustrated workforce, which will reinforce generational divides among workers.

As an example, in a recent conversation, a Fortune 500 CIO said, "Baby boomer workers think that our younger workers are lazy because they sit on couches with their laptops, and they forward their office phones to their mobile phones."

Leaving this situation unmanaged from a broad business and cultural perspective will create a divide between experienced and relatively inexperienced workers.

In addition, Generation X, Y and Z workers, who have grown up with mobile and wireless technology, have been entering the workforce in large numbers. These younger workers not only use technology, but are also eager to find new uses for it.


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