Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: iPads in the Enterprise: 10 Things to Teach Employees

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-08-2012
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Not All Apps Are Created Equal

Not All Apps Are Created Equal

Some employees may be using their personal iPads or other tablets at home, on which they've likely installed everything from video games to useful applications. You need to make clear that fun-focused applications have no place in the office. Only those apps that have enterprise value should be used on office tablets.
Apple iPads and Android tablets are quickly becoming go-to computing products for enterprise users. Companies that don't offer tablets to their employees - or at least permit employees to bring in their own -- are those that might find themselves falling behind the competition in the coming years. But as an enterprise CIO, you know that there's more involved than just opening the doors to tablets. There are policies to be put into place that govern usage, and employees need to be educated about security and other factors. Here's our list of the top 10 things to teach your tablet users in the enterprise. While some analysts note that tablets are still far from replacing laptops and notebooks, the devices are definitely gaining ground. For example, Apple sold 17 million iPads in Q2 2012, and Apple estimates that the number of iPads in use at Fortune 500 companies has tripled over the past year.


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