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25 percent

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 10-07-2010 Print

Latin America is emerging as a top growth region for U.S. companies looking to outsource jobs, including positions that require considerable technology skills, according to a new survey from Capgemini. The region is No. 3 overall for jobs outsourced from the U.S., the survey reveals, and several factors are creating a rapidly expanding level of interest. including Latin America's proximity to the U.S., the relative lack of language barriers and the overall education and skill levels of the population. Clearly, executives are looking far beyond the far-flung "usual suspects" for job destinations, and are finding appealing options closer to home. "As the economy rebounds, companies are looking to use outsourcing more strategically as a tool to increase efficiency, yield significant cost savings and drive growth," says David Poole, vice president and head of Americas business process outsourcing for Capgemini. "This includes considering locations beyond India." Harris Interactive conducted the survey on behalf of Capgemini, interviewing 300 U.S. senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies.


25 percent of respondents say their companies outsource to Latin America&#151making it the third most-popular region for exporting jobs.


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