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CIO Insight&#8217s comprehensive yet concise articles are written by experts proven in their fields or journalists who are well-versed in technology and management issues. The magazine's regular departments include:

RESEARCH: Monthly, proprietary, online surveys about issues that concern CIOs.

EXPERT VOICES: Opinions of thought leaders that will help CIOs stay ahead of the curve.

CASE STUDIES: In-depth examination of a company&#8217s strategy and the role of IT, with emphasis on the decision-making, lessons learned and the business payoff.

WHITEBOARDS: Visual representation of a decision or new business process or concept.

CATALYSTS: Leadership series focusing on people who have championed a technology change that revolutionized a business or a company&#8217s strategy.

TRENDS: Analysis of timely business, management or technology issues.

STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY: The strategic impact of emerging technologies giving CIOs a real&#8211world business context in which to make IT investments.

COLUMNS: Provocative views from highly respected industry experts on IT industry developments, future trends, leadership, and organizational behavior.

This article was originally published on 11-02-2001
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