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Google Execs Pledged to Stay 20 Years

By Reuters  |  Posted 01-31-2008 Print

Co-founders and current CEO made pact to stay at least through summer of 2024, according to magazine report.

Google top three executives had pledged to work together for 20 years in a pact they made shortly before the company's initial public offering in August 2004, Fortune magazine has reported.

Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, together with CEO Eric Schmidt say in a joint interview for Fortune's February 4th issue that the three had agreed to work together for two decades starting one month before the 2004 IPO.

"We agreed the month before we went public that we should work together for 20 years," said Schmidt, who added that he will be 69 years old by that time. Page would be 51 and Brin 50.

The interview can be found at tinyurl.com/2oo5vt/. A Google spokesman could not immediately be reached to comment.

Schmidt is Google's chairman. Page is president of products and Brin is president of technology. Each is a billionaire.

With a market capitalization now around $170 billion, the world's most valuable Internet company is scheduled to report results for the final quarter of 2007 on Thursday.

Wall Street expects Google to report 2007 revenue around $16.6 billion, an increase of 57 percent over the prior year.



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