Collective Intel, Mobile Videoconferencing, Mesh, Smart Tags

4. Collective Intelligence

As predicted in 2008: 27%
As predicted in 2007: 33%

The rise of collaborative and Web 2.0 technologies feeds into this growth area, giving businesses a new way for their employees to interact and share crucial data.

5. Mobile Videoconferencing

As predicted in 2008: 21%
As predicted in 2007: 21%

Telepresence, as it's known in IT circles, is growing, despite some cost concerns. And with an increasingly mobile workforce, videoconferencing is ready to take its show on the road.

6. Mesh Networks

As predicted in 2008: 19%
As predicted in 2007: 15%

These self-healing networks can work in many different flavors (wireless, wired, etc.) and have benefited from lowered costs.

7. Sensors/Smart Tags

As predicted in 2008: 19%
As predicted in 2007: 19%

Radio-frequency identification, the much-debated darling of Wal-Mart and other retailers, is still flexing its muscles. IT executives show the same level of interest in RFID as in 2007, which is a good sign, given the economic climate.

This article was originally published on 12-03-2008
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