Tech Vendor Customer Sentiment Shifts

Many vendors have experienced strong shifts in customer judgment; in some cases, these shifts look enduring. For example, Juniper Networks is clearly benefitting from archrival Cisco's travails, but also is highly rated in its own right: 92 percent of Juniper's customers participating in our survey gave the vendor a mark of "good" or "excellent" for addressing the business problem it's being paid to solve.

In other cases, such as Microsoft, the change seen in this year's study may not be so long-lasting. Sharply improved customer ratings for product quality and for meeting commitments led to a double-digit shift in the rankings for Microsoft, which nearly cracked the top 10. However, if the company can't maintain these reliability levels, its ranking will likely revert back to the middle of the field, where it's hovered in previous years.

Very stable companies--such as IBM, Oracle and the aforementioned RIM--are likely to maintain their value levels, for good or ill. Unfortunately, there aren't many vendors that have been stable lately.

Our goal in the accompanying charts is to provide you with enough objective detail on individual vendor value--based on the input of your peers--to evaluate your current technology providers and consider the options for your upcoming IT initiatives. We also give you some context as to how top-scoring vendors stack up in five key technology sectors to help manage your expectations. In our shifting, uncertain IT environment, a little perspective can go a long way. For more on technology investing, read the article IT Investment Planning: Reimagining the Process

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This article was originally published on 08-23-2011
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