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78 percent

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-07-2010 Print

When Twitter first started, it was tossed aside by cynics who said the social network did little but allow people to indulge themselves in their own boring lives. The Twitterati would tell the world what they had for lunch that day, critics said, but they wouldn't provide real value to the rest of the community. Since those early days, Twitter has transitioned from a place to share boring information with others into a place that has become useful for consumers and brands that want to get their products or services into the zeitgeist. It has become a water cooler of sorts where consumers around the world share news, ideas, and, yes, lunch-box contents, with one another. The corporate world is starting to take notice. In fact, savvy companies that are trying to drive business are finding unique ways to leverage the social network for their own gain. But, those efforts are not (and should not) be limited to the function of marketing. Diamond Management & Technology Consultants recently polled CIOs about their twitter habits. The 75 respondents, who represent various industries, reveal that Twitter is a powerful professional networking tool. The CIO who tweets is the CIO who will inevitably help drive new business. It's a valuable tool you can use to help your company, and leverage your own career profile in the process.


A whopping 78 percent of all CIOs use Twitter once a week, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants found in its study.


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