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Do you consider your computer history chops to be up to snuff? Then test your smarts with our quiz of the 10 most influential contributors to the history of computers. You'll find no mention of the usual suspects, such as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, in this quiz, which we compiled based on information from Ranker.com. Instead, we focus on unsung pioneers whose collective work dates back to the War of 1812. We're presenting this quiz in classic "Jeopardy!" answer-then-question format. Ranker.com is a site dedicated to declaring superlatives within the worlds of film, TV, music, games, sports, automobiles, books and technology. It claims more than 2 million monthly unique users. We work on the honor system here, so take the quiz with no help allowed from your "Internet machine":

This article was originally published on 11-07-2011
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