Conclusion 03

Conclusion 03: CRM

Enhancing customer satisfaction was the most regularly targeted goal for CRM systems. But many firms seem to be missing an opportunity to generate more income from existing customers: 49 percent had no plans for customer loyalty programs.

Customer self-service offerings were most popular, with 78 percent of respondents planning to implement or already implementing programs. Automated support and customer data analytics were closely matched, at 70 percent and 68 percent, respectively. But customer loyalty programs came in last, with only 51 percent having or planning to implement them.

For larger companies, the differences between CRM goals and what was achieved were minimal. For ex-ample, enhancing customer satisfaction was the goal for 85 percent; it was achieved 83 percent of the time. And while only 28 percent expected to create a new sales channel, 33 percent actually achieved this result.

By contrast, smaller companies were typically well off the mark with their CRM offerings. Sixty-five percent expected to generate more revenue from existing customers, but only 34 percent reached that goal.

This article was originally published on 12-01-2001
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