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Our annual Emerging Technology Adoption Trends study, which looks at roughly 40 new technologies and strategies (this year it's 42), provides insight into the hardware, software and infrastructure solutions being evaluated and deployed by your peers. You can view the complete Emerging Technology Adoption Trends report here, or access the complete report as a PDF here. This kind of objective, random surveying allows us to gauge activity levels for each kind of "hot" technology you may wish to consider. It also gives us a glimpse into the future, by comparing the level of active testing to overall usage. We split our list into five groupings, including computing technologies and strategies; networking and mobile; software (including application development); Web and collaboration; and security. Each has shown remarkable dynamism over the past year, as priorities and the business outlook have shifted, at times radically. For this report, we looked at both hot new technologies as well as more established, but still relatively new, solutions. We also asked survey respondents to evaluate technologies based on three key business drivers: improving business agility; creating cost savings or productivity enhancements; opening up new markets or opportunities for the enterprise. Ziff Davis Enterprise Research conducted the 2010 Emerging Technologies Study from Oct. 28-Nov. 23, 2010. A total of 188 qualified respondents completed the survey, which was conducted online.


(percent respondents investigating, testing or currently using)Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) (76 percent)Cloud Security (75 percent)Private Clouds (74 percent)Public Clouds (73 percent)IPv6 (69 percent)

This article was originally published on 12-28-2010
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