Conclusion 04

Conclusion 04

There aren't many significant differences between CIOs who assign a high priority to security and those who don't, in terms of what security features they've put in place. Antivirus software and firewalls are far and away the most frequently deployed technologies.

Desktop antivirus software is either already in place or in the process of being installed by 95 percent of the CIOs' companies, while server antivirus software was cited by 89 percent. Firewall appliances were mentioned by 80 percent of the respondents, followed by firewall software on discrete servers (70 percent) and desktop/notebook inventory software (67 percent).

Technologies not yet widely deployed include decoy services (10 percent), risk-assessment software (21 percent) and PKI (Public Key Information) document encryption (23 percent).

The only significant divergence between CIOs who view security as a high priority and those who do not is in the use of risk-assessment software (29 percent compared with 15 percent), PKI document encryption (30 percent versus 18 percent), hybrid intrusion detection (42 percent versus 25 percent) and managed security services for firewall management (51 percent versus 34 percent).

This article was originally published on 08-01-2001
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