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The contenders

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 03-14-2012 Print
From trying to determine what your employees should be using to figuring out where in the world you're going to find the right employees to handle security and networking, the tasks presented to CIOs and CSOs on a daily basis are worrisome, to say the least. Over the last several years, the number of security issues affecting desktop computers and mobile devices have skyrocketed. A study from security firm Securelist reveals that the number of threats hitting your network is growing at a rapid rate. Malicious hackers and cybercriminals have realized that targeting you in new places, such mobile devices, is becoming increasingly effective. And your employees, no matter how much they might try, are ill-prepared to fend off many of those attacks. Here's a look at the mobile threats affecting you this year. The following data won't make you safer, but knowing what's out there could help you establish a strategy to safeguard your network far more effectively than you are protecting it right now.


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