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80 percent

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 10-13-2010 Print

Information security threats are striking networks with more sophistication than ever, according to a recent report from HP. Many incidents are related to the growing employee use of Web-based business applications and social-networking sites while on the corporate network. While these tools help build brand awareness, increase customer sales/interaction and improve productivity, the applications often open up the enterprise to serious security threats. The report urges CIOs and other senior tech managers to reduce risk by studying PDF flaws; shutting down attacks faster by identifying new, covert techniques of attack; and preventing older threats from recurring by recognizing their pervasiveness. "By understanding the increased risk these applications pose to the corporate network," says Mike Dausin, manager of advanced security intelligence for HP TippingPoint DVLabs, which produced the report, "organizations can implement remediation strategies to ensure that business processes - as well as data - remain secure." The reporttracks incidents for first-half 2010; here are some of the statistical highlights:


80 percent is the share of network attacks that target Web-based systems.


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