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Steady increase

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 05-03-2012 Print
The online world has been home to nearly every worrisome security threat imaginable. It seems that each month, there's a new major threat companies are forced to fend off, and all the while, they're hoping against hope that their networks won't be affected. What's worse, CIOs are left to hope that employees won't fall victim to the traps, and allow sensitive corporate information to leak out to malicious hackers. In a study on Web vulnerabilities and the state of online security, HP reveals several important data points that should come in quite handy for CIOs looking to expand their knowledge of Internet-based threats. For instance, the company revealed that attacks on commercial applications are down, but the amount of risk companies face is still as high as ever. The following data, taken from HP's Top Cyber Security Risks Report, should prove eye-opening for security-conscious CIOs who realize that safety on the Web is far more difficult to obtain than many would care to admit.


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