Security Slideshow: Why CIOs Are Right to Worry About Security

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-01-2010
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Why CIOs Are Right to Worry About Security

Why CIOs Are Right to Worry About Security

One in 218.7 E-mails sent in September 2010 contained malware, Symantec found. That's an increase of 0.15% over August 2010.
Security continues to be one of the biggest issues facing CIOs today. Attacks come in via smartphones, E-mail, or the desktop, and there is a constant concern in the workplace that malicious hackers will compromise sensitive information. It would be nice to tell you that you shouldn't worry. It would be nice to say that the threats enterprises face today aren't as troublesome as those of years past. Providing such reassurance would mask the truth: enterprises face an inordinate number of threats that put entire operations at risk. Symantec's MessageLabs Intelligence report for September 2010 illustrates that point. With spam, viruses, phishing scams, and malicious Web sites wreaking havoc on companies around the world, the latest report from the security solutions vendor shows that CIOs must do everything they can to try and stay ahead of malicious hackers. Read on to see some of the highlights from Symantec's most recent security report, and learn about the issues you will face going forward.


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