Slideshows Slideshow: 8 Reasons Google Won't Leave China

By Tony Kontzer  |  Posted 03-05-2010
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8 Reasons Google Won't Leave China

8 Reasons Google Won't Leave China

Google does not like to lose-just ask Microsoft, Yahoo, and every other search hopeful it's bullied over the past 10 years.
The Google-China standoff has entered week eight, and no one's budged yet. China's still demanding that Google censor its search results there. Google's still refusing to censor them, while publicly lingering on its intentions to pull out of China if the government doesn't back off. And now the Obama Administration is considering joining the fray. The drama builds. Will Google really shut down its operations in China and walk away from such a potentially lucrative market? Will China actually let Google walk away, taking with it a critical window into the Western economy? Okay, okay, everyone calm down. No one's going anywhere. Here are 8 reasons we continue to believe Google and China will settle their differences:


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