Strategic Tech Slideshow: 10 Things You Should Know About Mac OS X Mountain Lion

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 04-02-2012
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The Design Wont Change Much

The Design Wont Change Much

The Apple Mountain Lion operating system looks nearly identical to its predecessor, Lion, and will work in much the same way. For current fans of Mac OS X, that's a good thing. But for those who want a different look and feel, it'll be a problem.
A year after launching Mac OS X Lion, Apple is planning to offer up Mountain Lion, the latest version of its operating system. Due this summer, it's not expected to be a major upgrade. Yet, there's a good chance that Apple's OS X Mountain Lion will come with enough improvements to make current Mac OS X users want to upgrade to the new offering. Chances are, you're still heavily invested in Windows in the workplace, but the number of Macs in use is creeping upward in the enterprise. With this in mind, here's what you need to know about Apple's next big operating system launch, Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The platform won't be a groundbreaking release, but it offers significant new features including enhanced Gatekeeper security and the iMessage platform, that make it worthy of evaluating as you decide whether to increase the number of Macs into your office or upgrade those you already have in place.


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