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Start With BlackBerry OS

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-06-2010 Print

Part of your job is to encourage all employees to buy into the technology strategies and process changes you have implemented. It's not just about the four generations of workers in your own IT department. And, it's not just about how you engage Millennial Generation IT workers within your own team ranks. You've got to deal with tech-savvy workers entering your enterprise across all lines of business. They're bringing with them different expectations about workplace technology than their more senior colleagues. We're not saying that all Gen X or Baby Boomers are tech averse. Quite the opposite - many readily embrace solutions that help improve their job performance. Still, in today's multi-generational workforce, you're likely finding that some workers are having trouble adjusting to this new normal. Here are the can't-miss strategies to help you make tech-averse workers comfortable with new technologies, new processes, and agile thinking.


Older employees might not feel comfortable in an always-connected work world, but at this point it's a requirement. RIM's BlackBerry will ease them into productivity-on-the-go.


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