Apps Must Be Managed

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 11-28-2011 Print

Mobile applications are all the rage right now in the technology industry. Every time Apple gets a chance to talk about one of its iOS-based devices, the company also announces a new application-download milestone it has hit. And Google fans, always hoping that their favorite company will take down Apple, like to tout the growing number of developers who are moving to Android to create new applications for them. All told, ABI Research predicted in April 2011 that 44 billion mobile apps would be downloaded by 2016. For most CIOs, though, the allure of mobile apps isn't so great. There are still many IT executives we speak with who see such applications as potential security and productivity holes that have no place in the enterprise. But not all mobile apps are created equal. Although there are major issues that can be associated with them, they can also deliver several important benefits to your company that you may not be not taking advantage of right now. Here are 10 things, good and bad, you need to know about mobile apps.


Employees shouldn't be allowed to download just any app they want, and policies should be put into place to ensure they don't engage in unsafe behavior. Mobile apps are great, but they must be controlled and their use must be monitored.

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