Bring ROI to the Tablet

Apple's iPad is capturing the allure of consumers around the world. In fact, ABI Research said in July that it expects Apple to sell around 11 million iPad units by year's end. A recent poll of 2,100 American adults conducted by Zogby International on behalf of Sybase finds that one in four expect their employer to provide access to tablets in the enterprise. Most likely, you see considerable potential in Apple's tablet as a way to make employees more productive while roaming. You may even see it as a way for your firm to save some cash, since the $500 price of an iPad is much less than a comparably equipped laptop. In fact, your CEO may well be the biggest obstacle to allowing your corporation to welcome the iPad. As you know all too well, CEOs are loath to spend right now as they worry about the short-term future of the economy. Trying to get them to adopt a new form factor that's seen as a consumer-focused product could be a tall order. But, in today's tech space, where staying ahead of the curve helps a company thrive, convincing your CEO to adopt the iPad should be near the top of your list for things to accomplish by year's end. Read on to find some quick tips on building the business case for iPad in your enterprise.


It's difficult to find hard data on the iPad's ROI due to the device being so new to the enterprise. But that shouldn't stop you from working with your team to develop ROI criteria before entering your CEO's office. Armed with that data, you can more effectively drive the point home that the iPad is a necessity in your operation.

This article was originally published on 09-23-2010
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